Individual Success Program (ISP) School Social Worker


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The Individual Success Program (ISP) is seeking a School Social Worker to support in classrooms throughout Lincoln Public Schools. Students placed within the ISP need intensive behavioral, mental health, and life skills support. Thus, this job requires a person who possesses a desire to work with and has experiences in behavior and life skills. This person will plan for and work directly with students in the ISP classroom to develop social-emotional and coping skills, assist students in completing daily activities, and collaborate with other school professionals in order to address the needs of students Also, the ISP School Social Worker will partner with community service agencies/providers to facilitate communication with the school and assist in obtaining needed services for students/families experiencing difficulties. 


A candidate for this position has the ability to create strong relationships with students, staff, and families, demonstrates effective communication/crisis intervention/resolution/mediation skills, as well as understands and applies the practices of cultural proficiency with students, staff and families. Additionally, the ISP is seeking an individual who is willing to be trained in Handle with Care. This person will be assigned to support staff, students, and families in 3 of the 6 ISP sites: Humann and Robinson Elementary, Lux Middle, East High, Northwest High, and/or Moore Middle Schools.


Provisional Certification as a Master Social Worker (PCMSW) and Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP) required; full licensure must be completed by March 15 of Year 3 for continued employment.

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Start Date: August 5, 2024

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Lincoln Public Schools
5905 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Human Resources
(p) (402) 436-1594

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