Certified, School Counselor


Location: Southwest High School

Position Details: 

Lincoln Southwest High School is seeking a candidate with a commitment to excellence in education.  School Counselors must provide a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program based on the ASCA National Model/Nebraska Model for all children to assist students in learning skills needed for academic success and personal/social and career development; plan, conduct, and supervise classroom and group activities; provide responsive services to individuals and small groups.


Will provide assistance to students in academic planning and placement; work cooperatively with students, families, teachers, and staff; consult with teachers, parents and staff to enhance children’s educational, personal/social and career development; support other elementary or secondary level educational programs.

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Additional Information

Start Date: August 5, 2024

Contact Information

Lincoln Public Schools
5905 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516

Human Resources
(p) (402) 436-1594

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