Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teaching Position

2022-23 School Year


Homer Community School is seeking a Kindergarten teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. This school district believes in data-based decisions and a collaborative approach to ensure the highest student achievement and most effective learning environment. The elementary utilizes professional learning communities to assess instructional strategies, assessments, and student achievement. Through our effective MTSS process, we can quickly identify student needs and provide explicit interventions to address needs. Staff members are offered an excellent salary and benefits package. The salary range for 2022-2023 is $42,350 to $81,312. The salary range for 2023-2024 is $43,900 to $84,288. There are multiple opportunities for additional duties if this is an area of interest as well. All years of experience and educational attainment are accepted on the salary schedule.  


Please send a letter of interest, resume, 3-5 letters of recommendation, and transcripts to:

Mrs. Abbie Uhl, Elementary Principal 

P.O. Box 340, Homer NE 68030 

Office: 402-698-2377 ext. 108  

Cell: 712-389-0907 

Fax: 402-698-2379




Zone 3

Additional Information

Start date for teachers is August 8th.   Start date for students is August 11th.

Contact Information

Box 340
Homer, NE 68030

Gregg Cruickshank
(p) (402) 698-2377
(f) (402) 698-2379

How to Apply

In the job description.