Language Arts Teacher

Here is your chance to join an amazing team of educators, students, and parents!

We are interested in hiring TWO highly motivated teachers to work with our secondary grade levels in the language arts  program.

Heartland Community School is a progressive D-1 school system that serves the highly supportive communities of Henderson and Bradshaw.  We are located just off of the interstate, halfway between Lincoln and Kearney.


Zone 5



Additional Information

We are in the top tier of starting salaries and offer competitive benefits to all of our employees.  This position will begin in August of 2022.

Varsity coaching is available, but not required for this position.

Contact Information

Heartland Community Schools
1501 Front St.
Henderson, Nebraska 68371

Brad Best
(p) (402) 723-4434

How to Apply

Interested applicants will find details of the application process, forms, and information to be submitted at under the “Job Opportunities” link.