7-12 Activities Director

JOB GOAL: Provide overall leadership, supervision and coordination of all school activity programs to provide students’ worthwhile learning experiences


1. Reports to and works under the principal and/or president to supervise the overall activity program

2. Administers all school district interscholastic policies and procedures as well as the Rules and By- Laws of the NSAA

3. Observes coaches sufficiently in order to make future recommendations in terms of job

expectations and job assignments.

4. Makes recommendations for the improvement of facilities to the principal for consideration and


5. Develops all interscholastic game schedules. Maintain contest contract forms in school files and

approves the publication of all schedules

6. Contracts all contest officials including those assigned by the Conference

7. Interprets board policy to coaches

8. Resolves conflicts within the ranks of the activity department

9. Makes arrangements for all transportation, lodging and meals, for district and state contests as


10. Receives and evaluates equipment requests from authorized coaches. Approves appropriate


11. Attends all athletic contests and/or arranges for proper supervision. Coordinate attendance of

administrative personnel

12. Acts as tournament director, for all league and tournament playoff activities that are assigned to

the school district

13. Sends reminders of upcoming events to schools and officials

14. Cancels or postpones contracted contests, officials and transportation because of weather or

other hazardous conditions

15. Coordinates and supervises all radio, as well as the public address system operation at the

various games

16. Maintains a permanent file of medical examinations, insurance forms, records, parent consent

forms, insurance payments, emergency treatment forms, etc., for each participating athlete.

17. Maintains permanent records for each sport, such as wins and losses, outstanding records, letter

winners, etc.

18. Maintains a file of all athletic suspensions and expulsions from teams


19. Reviews, makes recommendations and forwards coaches’ requests to attend clinics.

20. Works with coaches and the high school principal to develop the annual activity budget

21. Works with the principal, cheerleading advisors and coaches to schedule athletic assemblies and

pep rallies

22. Coordinates the use of school athletic facilities by school teams outside normal use with the


23. Assumes responsibility for game management at all home interscholastic contests and for the

accounting and deposit of gate receipts

24. Provides for the cleaning, repairing and storing of all activity equipment. Maintains an accurate

inventory of all equipment

25. Works to establish procedures for the management and safe operation of the training room.

26. Arranges for medical doctors at home contests and larger athletic events

27. Coordinates use and schedules of athletic facilities for all interscholastic athletic contents.

Coordinates set-up of physical plant.

28. Plans, organizes and supervises all athletic awards programs with the approval of the principal and/or president

29. Promotes publicity for all interscholastic sports, including sports procedures, press, and radio

releases for all schools.

30. Manages athletic facilities and controls access by all user groups. Hires or makes necessary

arrangements to provide ushers, parking, security and other services required by the athletic


31. Represents the school at league, conference and state meetings

32. Schedules physical examinations in accordance with the requirements of the NSAA

33. Develops and implements policies for the operation and supervision of the press boxes

34. Serves as liaison between the coaches and the principal and/or president

35. Assists in the preparation and distribution of complimentary passes for the school district

36. Coordinates the sales of any athletic supplies through the athletic office

37. Maintains an active community-wide sportsmanship program

38. Reviews the activity policy and handbook annually

39. Evaluates and seeks ways of improving the interscholastic athletic program

40. Presents recommendations for changes in athletic policies to the principal and/or president.


41. Performs other duties as the principal and/or president may direct

Zone 3

Additional Information


1. Valid Nebraska teacher or administrator certification

2. Previous experience as a coach is desirable


3. Knowledge of the overall operation of the activities program

Contact Information

Guardian Angels Central Catholic Elementary
419 E Decatur

Paula Peatrowsky
(p) (402) 372-5328

How to Apply

Interested applicants please submit their application, cover letter, resume, references and transcripts to the following address:

 Guardian Angels Central Catholic

Attn:  Paula Peatrowsky

419 E Decatur

West Point, NE  68788