School Psychologist

Education Level and Certification: Graduate degree (at least two years of additional study beyond bachelors: Masters + 36 Ed.S or or Ed.D) from an accredited school psychology program and an internship in the field for direct experience as required by NDE Rule 24.  Must possess, at all times during employment, either: (1) a Nebraska Department of Education Special Services Certificate with an endorsement in School Psychology or (2) or a license to practice psychology in Nebraska issued by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services with completion of the academic requirements and field experience including supervised internship as required by NDE Rule 24, in additional to all other required or assigned certification and training.

Reports To:  Special Education Director and Building Principals

Required Job Tasks 

  1. Facilitate district assessments based on referrals and special education programming requirements.
  2. Identify student learning behaviors and difficulties and develop a plan with the student and student’s family to overcome said obstacles.
  3. Maintain student records, including special education reports, confidential records, records of services provided, and behavioral data.
  4. Serve as a resource to help schools and students deal with crises, such as separation and loss.
  5. Refer students to appropriate community agencies for services.
Zone 5


Pre-K–12, Post-Secondary

Additional Information

August 2024

Contact Information

Falls City Public Schools
P.O. Box 129
Falls City, Ne 68355

Timothy Heckenlively
(p) (140) 224-5282 5
(f) (402) 245-2022