Director of Transportation

Job Title:  Transportation Supervisor            Department:  Transportation

Education Level and Certification:  2-year Associates Degree/Technical Education/Diesel Technician. Must maintain at all times during employment an unrestricted motor vehicle operator’s license, a school bus permit as required by state and federal laws, and a satisfactory driving record that meets requirements of School Board policy.

Reports To:  Superintendent

General: Oversee the daily operation of the transportation department. This is a 12-month position.

Performance Responsibilities and Job Tasks  

Maintain current commercial drivers license.

Selection, training, disciplining all transportation department employees.

Organizing, scheduling, assigning all transportation department jobs.

Cost accounting of all expenses related to transportation.

Review time-card sheets.

Request bids for fuel purchases, tires, parts, vehicles, etc.

Responsible for drug and alcohol testing program.

Evaluating drivers.

Write specifications for new vehicles and other equipment.

Record all parts and supplies used in vehicle repair and preventive maintenance.

Maintain operation of two way radio communication equipment and records.

Fill out reports to the State of Nebraska relating to the state statistical information.

Perform 80 day mechanics inspection.

Perform annual state patrol inspections and minimum standards inspection on new buses.

Supervise two evacuation drills per school year.

Maintain current map of district riders.

Plan regular route roads and projected time schedules.

Advise superintendent of transportation needs, i.e. vehicles, supplies, shop equipment and training.

Check driver records, license expirations, violations, renewals, CDL’s for currency, level II training, etc.

Make sure both registration and current insurance cards are in all vehicles.

Talk with students, parents, principals about violations of student behavior that might require suspension or exclusion of riding privileges.

Providing transportation for parochial school students, and dealing with problems relating to these students, parents and administration.

Participation on the school district safety committee.

Coordination of all special requests for transportation, teacher travel, activities, special education, etc., with activities director.

Perform oil change, lubrication, and preventative maintenance on recommended mile schedule

Diagnose and repair all school owned or contracted vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, etc.

Assist in snow removal and sand parking lots.

Communicate with country roads superintendent about road conditions.

Hold drivers meeting before each new school year and throughout that year.

Wash and wax vehicles as needed.

Repair seats and replace seat covers.

Organize and try to keep shop clean as possible.

Attend administrative council meetings.

Attend NSTA, ESU4, ect. workshops and summer maintenance workshop.

Help maintenance supervisor and groundskeeper as needed. i.e. mover risers, set up chairs, mow, etc.

Keep inventory control on diesel fuel and gasoline and all related paperwork.

Check road conditions during inclement weather and report to superintendent.

Substitute for drivers if needed.

Consult with Nebraska Department of Roads about having school bus stop ahead signs installed or removed, trees that need to be trimmed, highway shoulder problems, etc.

Take fire extinguishers to be inspected and certified every summer.

Drive majority of in-town activities.

Clean out wash bay sludge pit.

Install and remove second brake pedal in drivers education car.

Take care of getting vehicles registered, licensed, title, leasing and notifying insurance company.

Clean restrooms at bus barn facility.

Perform preventive maintenance on two shop furnaces. Change filters, oil motors, shut off pilot lights in summer and relight in winter.

Clean out gutters on bus barn.

Write and revise driver handbook and transportation safety program.

Manage bus driver drug testing program.


Zone 5


Bus Driver

Additional Information

This is a 12-month position

Competitive wage & benefit package

Position to begin upon hiring

Contact Information

Falls City Public Schools
P.O. Box 129
Falls City, Ne 68355

Timothy Heckenlively
(p) (140) 224-5282 5
(f) (402) 245-2022

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