Behavioral Specialist


The Behavioral Specialist provides specialized knowledge about effective behavioral interventions by assessing, evaluating, and recommending interventions for students. This position serves a multiple school district consortium within Educational Service Unit 6.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be  assigned. 

  • Correctly selects, administers and interprets various instruments for assessing students’ social and behavioral performance (e.g., behavioral checklists, sociograms, anecdotal, records, informal and formal observation systems/techniques) as a component of a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).

  • Designs, implements and evaluates effective behavior management programs and strategies to develop an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).

    • Arranges antecedent and consequent stimuli to change behavior in desirable

    • directions.

    • Selects appropriate reinforcers for use in motivating students.

    • Designs management programs to maximize generalization.

    • Uses language that helps students to make choices.

    • Maintains flexibility in managing students’ behavior.

    • Assists in physical intervention as necessary.

    • Establishes clear objectives and communicates those objectives to all team members

    • Adapts methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs  and interests. 

  • Establishes and maintains open communication with students, other teachers, administrators and parents.

  • Develops and maintains a positive rapport with students, parents, district and  community partners. 

  • Develops and maintains a positive and professional working relationship with other staff  and administration. 

  • Provides an acceptable model of appropriate behavior responses for students in all types of situations.

  • Remains calm in crisis, inflammatory or provocative situations.

  • Responds non-defensively to conflicts.

  • Arranges a physical environment to facilitate management possibilities.

  • Utilizes techniques to instruct students in appropriate behavioral instruction and

social skills such as self-control, self-help, communication, taking responsibility, self-confidence, problem solving and aesthetics.

  • Provides for the reasonable care and safety of students under supervision. 

  • Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities as assigned. 

  • Provides care for students, including reporting suspected child abuse or neglect to  supervisor and provides medication administration as assigned.

  • Contributes to team meetings for the development of IEPs and provisions of IEPs.

  • Plans for student instruction in the Least Restrictive Environment appropriate for

each individual student.

  • Maintains confidentiality of information concerning colleagues, students, and parents.
  • Adheres to the code of ethics of ESU 6 and the code of ethics set forth in NDE Rule 27. 
  • Maintains accurate and complete student records as required by laws, ESU 6 policies,  and administrative regulations. 
  • Prepares reports on students and activities as required by administration.
  • Instructs and monitors students in the use and care of equipment and materials to  prevent injuries and damage. 
  • Attends professional meetings, educational conferences, and training workshops to maintain and improve professional competence and perform duties.
  • Selects, stores, orders, issues, maintains and inventories equipment, ESU 6 property, materials, and supplies. 
  • Regular and reliable on-site attendance is an essential function of this job. 

Zone 5

Additional Information

  • Position open until filled
  • Salary commensurate with education and experience
  • Visit for a full job description and position details.

Contact Information

Educational Service Unit 6
210 5th St
Milford, NE 68405

Nichole Hall
(p) (402) 761-3341
(f) (402) 761-4331

How to Apply

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