Speech Language Pathologist




A.     Job Title:  Early Childhood Speech Language Pathologist    

Job Code:  7520

       Number of Days Worked:  ____ days

B.   Department:  Student Services

C.   FLSA Status: Exempt – Professional

D.   Immediate Supervisor: Director of Student Services

       Staff Supervised:  None

E.     Essential Requirements:

        Masters Degree in Speech Pathology

        Nebraska Teaching Certificate

        No history of child abuse or negligence


F.     Essential Responsibilities:  (Job Tasks)

1. Understands and comply with the ESU #3 Board of Education Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook.

2. Implements appropriate diagnostic procedures to determine eligibility in the area of speech language in accordance with Nebraska Rule 51 criteria.

3.  Accepts referrals and schedules evaluations within a reasonable period of time.

4.  Be aware of and able to complete state reporting for Results Matter.

5.  Informs school district administrators of progress of the evaluation and keeps them informed of relevant issues regarding children from their district that have been referred.

6.  Works with appropriate staff to assure that assessment in all areas relating to a child’s suspected disabilities are assessed.

7.  May need to provide support to children and families in the evening.

8. Provides continuous service for the Birth to age three population, requiring service provision over a twelve month period.

9.  Completes required special education paperwork from referral process through multidisciplinary team meeting.

10.  Writes a comprehensive diagnostic report for each evaluation completed.

11. Familiarizes self with federal and state laws and regulations that apply to special education programs.

12. Seeks out and participates in appropriate staff development activities to maintain and improve professional skills.

13. Displays appropriate interpersonal skills to effectively work with teachers, team members, parents, administrators and community members.

14. Regularly access the e-mail system for review of materials distributed from ESU #3.

15.  Provides own transportation to fulfill responsibilities f position.

16.  Arrives at the first school building/district/program assigned in schedule at the regular start of that programs work day (i.e., 7:45 a.m), or earlier if requested, and works through the day until 4:30 p.m. or later if requested.

17.  Other duties as assigned.



Zone 6

Additional Information

This is an exempt full time position.

Contact Information

Educational Service Unit #3
6949 S 110th St
La Vista, Nebraska 68128

Carrie Ann Vickers
(p) (402) 597-4881
(f) (402) 597-4808

How to Apply

Please apply through our website at:  www.esu3.org