ASD Behavior Specialist

Educational Service Unit #3

Job Description

Job Title: ASD Behavior Specialist       

Job Code:  7515

Department: Student Services

FLSA Status:  Exempt

Immediate Supervisor: ASD State Coordinator and ESU 3 Director of Student Services

General Responsibilities:  The ASD Behavior Specialist will provide consultative services to school districts to support students on the autism spectrum who have severe behavior needs. Consultative services include conducting a functional behavior assessment,  development and implementation of specific teaching procedures and effective programming, as well as data collection and analysis for target students. Additionally, provision of training and coaching to team members so that all programming can be implemented with a high degree of fidelity will be required. The ASD Behavior Specialist will collaborate with the Metro Region Coordinator on referrals and training needs.

Number of Days Worked:   220 Days

Essential Requirements:

  1. No history of child abuse or negligence.

  2. Master’s Degree in Special Education or related field

  3. Appropriate Certification or licensure to work directly with students with ASD (BCBA Preferred)

  4. Three years or more of professional and/or public school work with children and youth with ASD and/or behavior disorders

Essential Responsibilities:  

  1. Provide leadership and consultation to school districts to implement diverse, empirically supported programming for students with ASD and severe behavior needs

     2. Provide training, coaching and follow up support on a wide variety of interventions for   students with ASD

     3. Collaborate with ASD Network State and Regional Coordinators on referral, ASD training needs and statewide ASD Network activities

     4. Conduct functional behavior assessments, collect/analyze data and develop appropriate intervention plans for students with ASD and/or severe behavior needs

     5. Facilitate collaboration and meetings between educational personnel, community providers and family members

     6. Recommend supports and best practices in interventions for students with ASD

     7. Demonstrate professional conduct, maintain confidentiality and pursue professional growth.  

     8. Understand and comply with the ESU #3 Board of Education Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook.

     9. Maintain dependable and reliable attendance.

   10. Support health related activities and activities of daily living, as appropriate

   11. Perform other duties as assigned


The terms of this job description may not be modified except in writing signed by the ESU #3 Administrator.  The ASD Behavior Specialist must be fully capable of performing each of the ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES set forth above as well as each of the ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITIES set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto at all times of employment.  Staff that are not fully capable of performing 100 percent of the ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES and ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITIES cannot return to work until they can demonstrate they are fully capable of performing each of the ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES and ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITIES according to a doctor or other person qualified to make that determination and agreed to by the ESU #3 Administrator.  This is for the safety of the employee due to the nature of the students he/she may be working with.  


At Will Employment: Employment with ESU #3 is not for any period of time, and employment may be terminated at any time at the convenience of the terminating party, with or without cause, and with or without notice.  Employment with ESU #3 is not governed by any express or implied contract of employment containing terms different from or inconsistent with those stated in this job description. The terms of this job description may not be modified except in a writing signed by the ESU #3 Administrator.


Zone 6

Additional Information

Full time position.

Contact Information

Educational Service Unit #3
6949 S 110th St
La Vista, Nebraska 68128

Carrie Ann Vickers
(p) (402) 597-4881
(f) (402) 597-4808

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