Attendance Secretary


Title: Attendance Secretary

PT: Aug 1 to May 30, 8am to noon

Classification: Exempt 

Department: Academy 

School: Duchesne Academy Omaha  

Hired by: 

Reports to: Principal 


·      models the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria; 

·      collects and keeps the daily and cumulative attendance records, working with the Dean of Students on absences and excuses;

·      works with the Dean to process morning late arrivals, making arrangements for students who become ill at school,

·      helps locating students in case of emergency 

·      helps maintain the Infinite Campus database with primary responsibility for health updates; assigns lockers, creates class lists and advisory lists

·      calls parents about an absence of a child if the school has not been previously contacted; 

·       responds to calls asking for verification of graduation and copies of immunization records; 

·       helps the Dean of Students and Registrar with students who are ill; 

·       maintains first aid/CPR certification, asthma protocol and any other required medical training; 

·       facilitates communication of messages and information for parents; 

·       prepares yearly school rosters, course description book and student directory; schedules parent teacher conferences; 



Zone 6



Additional Information

August 9, 2024

Contact Information

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
3601 Burt St
Omaha, Nebraska 68131

Laura Hickman
(p) (402) 558-3800 1027
(f) (402) 558-0051

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Principal Laura Hickman