Athletic Director

• models the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria;
• is a member of the Leadership Team;
• Oversees total student National School Activities Association (NSAA) events and programs at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart (DASH). Adherence to school policies, rules and guidelines is fundamental to this position. This role includes all inter-school athletics and NSAA sanctioned activities (i.e. drama, music, journalism, speech, ACADECA, etc.);
• Functions as a member of the Leadership Team, within the counseling department, and attends weekly meeting pertaining to student health; and prioritizes the welfare of the student athlete above all other considerations in the program.
• Scheduling and Managing Competitions:
• Schedules all athletic contests on an equitable basis, with a balanced ratio of home/away games, and is responsible for contracting all interscholastic contests;
• Plans participation in NSAA events, keeping conflicts with other school programs to a minimum; Ensures program/event calendars are easily accessible and advertised throughout DASH;
• Guarantees the quantity of engagements scheduled for any sport is consistent with state association rules and regulations;
• Represents Duchesne Academy at all District II and River City Conference meetings; Secures safe practice spaces including locations needed off-campus;
• Provides oversight for the Fitness Center after school regular hours of operation; Reserves DASH gymnasium when necessary for games and practice;
• Acquires and manages personnel needed to properly execute home games (book, clock, admissions etc.);
• Hires and contracts officials for the necessary activities; and
• Collects and coordinates all monies and fees with the business office
• Oversees the functionality of sporting fields, facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of all athletes and visitors. Also, communicates all repair/update needs for budgeting purposes.
• Student Athlete Support:
• Coordinates school physicals for students partaking in programs;
• Ensures all athletes have proper documentation on file before participating in a sport; Collects and disseminates paperwork for sports participation;
• Maintains student eligibility records, health forms, parent consent forms, payments, etc.; Develops and organizes conditioning programs and for both general and sport specific use during the school year and summer;
• Nominates students for athletic recognitions, including NSAA awards;
• Supervises the collection of student information for special events such as Senior Nights; and Moderates special groups such as the Student Athlete Leadership Team and the Sports and Spirit Club.
• Administrative (HR, Budget, Equipment, Facilities, NSAA, Booster Club):
• Makes recommendation to Head of School on the hiring and firing of coaches;
• Ensures all coaches are appropriately qualified to instruct in their sport; Verifies all coaching staff have obtained Safe Environment certifications;
• Prepares coaching agreements and the collection of required paperwork;
• Meets with all coaches at least twice a year;
• Evaluates the performance of all coaches at least once during the season for their sport, and informs coaches of the criteria under which they are being evaluated;
• Manages the athletic trainer contract and personnel, including concussion protocol and testing;
• Develops and updates athletic handbook, coaches’ manual, information for parent meetings, team programs and post season student evaluations;
• Acts as liaison to the Booster Club;
• Establishes and monitors the athletic department budget and ensures that all purchasing remains within the approved budget;
• Reviews and signs approved purchase orders for the department; Oversees weight room maintenance and upgrades;
• Distributes and maintains an inventory of all athletic equipment and uniforms in conjunction with coaches;
• Establishes “Best Practices” for the storage, repair, distribution and collection of equipment and uniforms;
• Completes all NSAA online forms (eligibility, schedules, district and state rosters, etc.); Interprets and enforces NSAA rules and regulations;
• Organizes all athletic summer camps, including all advertising efforts; and Conduct/manages team player evaluations of coach after each season and provide results/feedback to coaches.
• Communications:
• Ensures students/faculty/parents are informed of the objectives of the athletic program and activities;
• Develops positive communications and rapport with coaches, parents, students and colleagues; Provides athletic rosters, weekly game schedules and early dismals for all NSAA /River Cities sanctioned activities to Dean of Students/School Secretary;
• Serves as liaison between parents and coaches;
• Continues the legacy of that the athletic program being a rallying point, focus for loyalty and a source of pride for the school;
• Maintains permanent records for each sport such as overall achievements, current players, special achievements;
• Communicates competition results to faculty/staff, Dean of Students, parents and students; Maintains/updates athletic social media accounts;
• Events:
• Assists in planning and implementing the annual Athletic Banquet;
• Plans and executes August pre-season meetings (parents, athletes, coaches); Coordinates and executes celebratory events for major team accomplishments (i.e. state championship); and
• Moderates the Sports and Spirit Club.
• Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration or a similar field;
• Secondary teaching experience;
• 5+ years’ experience with high school athletics;
• 5+ years’ coaching experience; and
• CPR certification or able to attain within first 3 months of employment.

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Laura Hickman
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Contact Amy Becker
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