Middle School English/Language Arts Teacher


Performance Responsibilities

  1. Teach assigned classes and perform related duties as set forth under Job Tasks.
  2. Provide for the reasonable care and safety of students under the teacher’s supervision.
  3. Supervise students in out-of-classroom activities as assigned.
  4. Provide reasonable care for students, including reporting suspected child abuse or neglect to supervisor and provide medication administration as assigned.
  5. Participate in team meetings for the development of IEPs and 504 Plans and implement provisions of IEPs and 504 Plan accommodations for the teacher’s students.
  6. Participate in faculty committees and the sponsorship of activities as assigned.
  7. Participate in professional activities and staff development as assigned and as needed to maintain professional competence and to perform duties.
  8. Develop and maintain a positive rapport with students and parents.
  9. Develop and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with other staff and administration.
  10. Maintain confidentiality of information concerning colleagues, students, and parents in accordance with law and District rules.
  11. Provide for proper care, maintenance and reasonable security of all District property in the teacher’s custody.
  12. Utilize instructional materials and other resources in a competent and effective manner, including computer, e-mail, electronic student information systems, and other technology to perform assigned duties.
  13. Adhere to all district policies, rules, regulations, and supervisor directives.
  14. Adhere to the code of ethics of the District and the code of ethics set forth in NDE Rule 27. The teacher must serve as a positive role model for other staff and students.
  15. Perform other tasks as assigned.
Zone 6


6, 7, 8

Additional Information

Starting August 2022

Contact Information

Douglas County West Community Schools
PO Box 378, 401 S Pine St
Valley, Nebraska 68064

Sabina Safford
(p) (402) 359-2583
(f) (402) 359-4371

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