Elementary Teacher

Elementary Teacher at Bellwood Elementary in Bellwood, NE

Elementary Teacher at David City Elementary in David City, NE

Extra Duty Positions Available

Zone 4



Additional Information

Base: $37,0350

Family Health Insurance

Single Dental Insurance

10 Sick Days

3 Personal Days

Start: August 6, 2021

Contact Information

David City Public Schools
750 D Street
David City, Nebraska 68632

Chad Denker
(p) (402) 367-4590
(f) (402) 367-3479

How to Apply

Qualified candidates need to complete the certified application on our website and send it along with a cover letter, resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, credentials, valid teaching certificate, etc. to Dr. Chad Denker, Supt 750 D St David City NE 68632 or email to denker@dcscouts.org