Elementary Teacher

Job Description:

Custer Christian School, a non-denominational Christian elementary school located in Broken Bow, Nebraska, is embarking on its inaugural school year in 2024-2025. We are seeking passionate and dedicated Elementary School Teachers to join our pioneering team. As a teacher at Custer Christian School, you will have the unique opportunity to not only educate students but also impart Christian values, creating a positive and faith-filled learning environment.


1. Develop and implement engaging lesson plans that align with both academic standards and Christian principles.

2. Integrate faith-based values into daily instruction, fostering spiritual growth and character development.

3. Create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment that reflects Christian values.

4. Assess and monitor student progress, providing constructive feedback to students and parents.

5. Actively participate in and contribute to the development of the school’s Christian ethos and community.

6. Collaborate with colleagues to plan and execute school events, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

7. Establish positive relationships with parents, keeping them informed about their child’s progress and the Christian educational experience.

8. Stay informed about innovative teaching methods, educational trends, and faith-based pedagogy.


1. Bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field.

2. Valid teaching certification.

3. A strong commitment to Christian values and a desire to integrate them into the educational experience.

4. Passion for working in a new and dynamic educational environment.

5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and engage positively with parents.

7. Understanding of child development and effective teaching strategies for elementary students.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for Custer Christian School is an enthusiastic and dedicated elementary school teacher who is deeply committed to education and eager to share Christian values with students. We seek individuals who are excited about joining a new school community, embody a passion for nurturing both academic and spiritual growth, and are dedicated to fostering a positive and faith-filled learning environment.

If you are ready to be a foundational part of Custer Christian School’s inaugural year and are passionate about integrating Christian values into the educational experience, we invite you to apply and join our team.

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Additional Information

Start Date: August 2o24

For more information and application please visit our website: custerchristianschool.com

Contact Information

Custer Christian School
604 South H Street
Broken Bow, NE 68814

Taylor Ruether
(p) (402) 631-3556

How to Apply

Applications can be found on our website at: custerchristianschool.com under downloads or at https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/3794c808-671b-4dd7-aeeb-4d91c9187437/downloads/Custer%20Chrisitian%20School%20Teacher%20Application%202.pdf?ver=1702691012998 .

Please mail filled out applications to Custer Christian School, PO Box 308 Broken Bow NE, 68822

Finally if you feel comfortable please send us an email at info@custerchristianschool.com and let us know you applied.  We would love to hear from you!