Speech Language Pathologist

Crete Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the position of speech language pathologist for the 2024-2025 school year. Benefits include paid health insurance, long term disability insurance, and personal and sick leave.

This position is considered open until filled.


Essential Requirements: 

  • Masters Degree
  • Nebraska Teaching Certificate with appropriate endorsement
  • Satisfactory completion of criminal background check



Required Job Tasks: 


  1. Monitor students’ progress and adjust treatments accordingly.
  2. Evaluate hearing and speech/language test results and medical or background information to diagnose and plan treatment for speech, language, fluency, voice, and swallowing disorders.
  3.  Administer hearing or speech/language evaluations, tests, or examinations to patients to collect information on type and degree of impairments, using written and oral tests and special instruments.
  4. Record information on the initial evaluation, treatment, progress, and discharge of clients.
  5. Develop and implement treatment plans for problems such as stuttering, delayed language, swallowing disorders, and inappropriate pitch or harsh voice problems, based on own assessments and recommendations of physicians, psychologists, and social workers.
  6. Develop individual or group programs in schools to deal with speech or language problems.
  7. Instruct clients in techniques for more effective communication, including sign language, lip reading, and voice improvement.
  8. Teach clients to control or strengthen tongue, jaw, face muscles, and breathing mechanisms.
  9. Develop speech exercise programs to reduce disabilities.
  10. Consult with and advise educators or medical staff on speech or hearing topics such as communication strategies and speech and language stimulation.


Additional Performance Responsibilities and Job Tasks:


Maintain all pertinent NDE electronic documents including: 

  • Maintaining current team member access
  • Maintaining current student and parent information
  • Finalizing all documents
  • Opening progress reports in a timely fashion for related service providers.

Manage caseloads including:

  • Preparing, scheduling and conducting IEP’s and MDT’s on or before anniversary date
  • Managing monthly roster including ensuring that:
    • Special education percentages accurately reflect services and are in compliance with what is stated on the IEP
    • New IEP/MDT dates are recorded accurately
    • Indicating all related services and other information

Provide services as directed in IEP.

Develop a working knowledge of students on caseload as it pertains to providing special education services.

Document all parent interactions (phone calls, notes, etc.).

Supervise paraprofessionals.

Conduct formal and informal diagnostic observations and evaluations.

Communicate with district and outside agencies.

Attend regularly scheduled and other announced special education meetings.

Comply with NDE Rule 51 guidelines.


Additional or Different Physical Requirements:


Must be able to fulfill restraint training procedures.




Essential Functions: 

  • The essential functions of each employee’s position include: 

    (1) regular, dependable in-person attendance on the job; 

    (2) the ability to perform the identified tasks and to possess and utilize the identified knowledge, skills, 

         and abilities and to perform the identified work activities; and  

    (3) the ability to perform the physical requirements of their specific job description.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Perform other tasks or duties as assigned by the Superintendent or Principal.
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Additional Information

Position Title: Speech Language Pathologist  

Job ID#:  1697

Reports to: Building Principal and Director of Student Services

Date Available: 2024-2025 School Year

Contract: 186 days

Contact Information

Crete Public Schools
930 Main Avenue
Crete, Nebraska 68333

Jenny Beck
(p) (402) 826-5855

How to Apply

Apply online via our website at www.creteschools.org.