Crete Public Schools Gifted Education Teacher

Crete Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Gifted Education Teacher teacher for the 2023-2024 school year. Benefits include paid health insurance, long term disability insurance, and personal and sick leave. This position is open until filled.


The purpose of the Gifted Education Teacher  is to serve as the lead advocate for gifted services within assigned building(s) and to identify the needs of gifted and talented students and then meet these needs by presenting them with advanced curriculum, challenging instruction, enrichment units, and opportunities for growth. The Gifted Education Teacher will also build teacher and administrator capacity in understanding, recognizing, and developing students of above average ability in order to ensure that gifted and talented students are identified and receive support to maximize their growth and potential.

Essential Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education required, Masters preferred
  • Standard Nebraska teaching certificate, Gifted Education certification preferred
  • Continuing education in Gifted Education preferred
  • A minimum of 5 years of teaching experience preferred, but not required
  • Satisfactory completion of criminal background check
  • Experience working with gifted students
  • Passion for gifted learners and the ability to advocate for their needs
  • Understand the issues in definitions, theories, and identification of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse backgrounds
  • Knowledge of the cognitive and affective needs of gifted and talented students and gifted pedagogy
  • Extensive knowledge of best teaching and learning practices across disciplines (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) particularly in gifted and  talented education
  • Demonstrated experience in writing lessons and units of study that focus on critical thinking and creative thinking for use with gifted students, tiered lessons for use in regular education classrooms, and lesson modifications to increase levels of depth,breadth, and/or pace
  • Confidence in working with gifted students, their parents, classroom teachers, and principals
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Required Job Tasks: 

  • Recognize the learning differences, developmental milestones, and cognitive/affective characteristics of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse backgrounds, and identify their related academic and social-emotional needs
  • Facilitate equitable identification of gifted and talented students in the assigned building(s) by collecting, analyzing, and communicating data with classroom teachers, principals, and MTSS teams
  • Maintain accurate records for each identified student and ensure building compliance with district identification guidelines
  • Regularly attend and participate in building PLC team meetings to provide support and guidance for classroom teachers
  • Establish working rapport with educators and provide direct individual and small-group consultation and guidance in best practices for addressing gifted students’ needs and how to implement strategies
  • Support teachers across multiple disciplines in understanding, planning, and implementing a range of evidence-based strategies to assess gifted and talented students, to differentiate instruction, content, and assignments for them, including the use of higher-order critical and creative-thinking skills
  • Assist teachers with selecting and modifying instructional materials to ensure alignment with state and national standards and to address individual gifted student’s needs effectively
  • Observe, model, co-plan, and co-teach lessons to support gifted students in regular classrooms
  • Provide specialized instruction to individual and small groups of gifted students when necessary to support learning in the content areas
  • Document ongoing consultation with classroom teachers and maintain a record of modified instructional strategies and results for each student where appropriate
  • Work to establish and maintain open lines of communication with parents and guardians to promote student achievement and address student needs
  • Develop and conduct or arrange relevant professional development/learning sessions for a variety of audiences such as classroom teachers, administrators, and parents
  • Develop and revise gifted curriculum
  • Attend scheduled gifted specialist meetings
  • Maintain and improve competence through participation in ongoing professional training focused on the nature and needs, both social- emotional and pedagogical, of identified gifted students

Essential Functions: 

  • The essential functions of each employee’s position include:

     (1) regular, dependable in-person attendance on the job;

     (2) the ability to perform the identified tasks and to possess and utilize the identified

          knowledge, skills, and abilities and to perform the identified work activities; and

     (3) the ability to perform the physical requirements of their specific job description.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Perform other tasks or duties as assigned by the principal, Coordinator of High Ability Learning, or other appropriate supervisor
  • Maintain effective liaisons with professional societies to maintain a current knowledge in gifted education
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Additional Information

Position Title: Gifted Education Teacher

Job ID#: 569

Assignment: Intermediate and Middle School

Reports to: Building Principal and Coordinator of High Ability Learning

Date Available: 2023-2024 School Year

Contract: 186 days

Contact Information

Crete Public Schools
930 Main Avenue
Crete, Nebraska 68333

Jenny Beck
(p) (402) 826-5855

How to Apply

Apply online via our website