Behavior Resource Teacher

Crete Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Behavior Resource Teacher (grades 3-8) for the 2024-2025 school year. Benefits include paid health insurance, long term disability insurance, and personal and sick leave.

This position is considered open until filled.


Essential Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Nebraska Teaching Certificate with K-12 Special Education Endorsement, Behavior Intervention Specialist endorsement preferred
  • Satisfactory completion of criminal background check



Required Job Tasks: 


General Requirements

  1. Enforce all administration policies and rules governing students.
  2. Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible including positive behavioral interventions and supports.
  3. Observe and evaluate students’ academic performance, behavior, social development, and physical health. 
  4. Prepare for assigned classes and show written evidence of preparation upon request of immediate supervisors.
  5. Instruct and monitor students in the use and care of equipment and materials to prevent injuries and damage.
  6. Prepare reports on students and activities as required by administration.
  7. Confer with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons promoting learning, following approved curricula.
  8. Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects, and communicate those objectives to students.
  9. Prepare objectives and outlines for courses of study, following curriculum guidelines or requirements of the State and the school district.
  10. Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations in one or more subjects, such as English, mathematics, or social studies.
  11. Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities.
  12. Assign lessons and correct homework.
  13. Organize and supervise games and other recreational activities to promote physical, mental, and social development.
  14. Plan and supervise class projects, field trips, visits by guest speakers or other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from those activities.
  15. Select, store, order, issue, and inventory classroom equipment, materials, and supplies.
  16. Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate. This may be delivered to students individually or in small groups.
  17. Communicate with parents or guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators regarding academic and behavioral strengths and needs of students. Maintain up to date records of parent communications.

Special Education Specific Requirements

  1. Develop, finalize, implement, and monitor the progress of student Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
  2. Create student and staff schedules for instructional activities and special education service delivery.
  3. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs and interests. This includes implementing accommodations and modifications as outlined in students’ IEPs.
  4. Prepare, administer, and grade tests and assignments in order to evaluate students’ progress. This includes regular progress monitoring of IEP goal progress.
  5. Administer standardized ability and achievement tests and interpret results to determine student strengths and areas of need. 
  6. Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by laws (including NDE Rule 51), district policies, and administrative regulations. This includes special education paperwork such as IEPs, progress reports, and district systems for data tracking.
  7. Prepare students for later grades by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks. This includes transition planning from grade to grade and along the continuum of special education services.
  8. Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children’s progress and to determine priorities for their children and their resource needs. This includes timely strengths based IEP meetings with all required team members.
  9. Guide and counsel students with behavioral or academic needs. This includes the implementation of individualized behavior intervention and safety plans.
  10. Implement crisis de-escalation techniques, physical intervention, and seclusion as needed for student safety and in accordance with board policy.
  11. Meet with other professionals to discuss individual students’ needs and progress. These professionals may include mental and behavioral health specialists (therapists, psychologists, and coaches), and/or special education related service providers (speech language, occupational or physical therapists).
  12. Prepare and implement evidence based remedial academic and/or behavioral programs for students requiring more support.
  13. Participate in professional learning which may include CPR/First Aid training, crisis prevention and intervention, and evidence based academic and behavioral practices.
  14. Perform administrative duties such as supervision and transportation of students on an as needed basis.
  15. Utilize technology such as Infinite Campus, Student Record System (SRS), and Google email, calendar, and drive features in a timely and effective manner.


Additional or Different Physical Requirements:


Must be able to fulfill restraint training procedures.




Essential Functions: 

  • The essential functions of each employee’s position include: 

    (1) regular, dependable in-person attendance on the job; 

    (2) the ability to perform the identified tasks and to possess and utilize the identified knowledge, skills, 

         and abilities and to perform the identified work activities; and  

    (3) the ability to perform the physical requirements of their specific job description.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Perform other tasks or duties as assigned by the Superintendent or Principal.
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Additional Information

Position Title: Behavior Resource Teacher 

Job ID#: 1698

Assignment: CPS Behavior Program

Reports to: Director of Student Services

Date Available: 2024-2025 School Year

Contact Information

Crete Public Schools
930 Main Avenue
Crete, Nebraska 68333

Jenny Beck
(p) (402) 826-5855

How to Apply

Apply online via our website at