Early Childhood Supervising Teacher

6908 Mercy Rd.

Early Childhood Supervising Teacher: Coaching of Early Childhood Education Specialists, Early Childhood Educators and assigned volunteers:  Provide direction and oversight to Center staff and assigned volunteers.

  • Are you interested in a position that has a significant impact on the daily lives of young children? In this position, you will have a strong role in planning and coordinating daily activities for your classroom and staff supervision. Also, you will maintain compliance with licensing requirements and standards for the Council on Accreditation, and National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • In addition to classroom responsibilities, this position coaches Early Childhood Specialists (lead teachers), Early Childhood Educators (teachers,) and Support Staff (assistant teachers). You will communicate expectations; provide daily direction and role model effective teaching practices.
  • The overall goal of this position is to foster the healthy development of children and ensure a safe and nurturing environment for young children to learn and grow.


Zone 6



Additional Information

Full-time; 40 hours per week; occasional evening.


Contact Information

Child Saving Institute
4545 Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68132

Megan Duncan
(p) (402) 964-2465 321
(f) (402) 898-3250

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