Early Childhood Lead Teacher

Essential Job Duties: 

  • Supervision of Children:  provide direct supervision of young children, knowing needs and whereabouts.
    • Move throughout classroom and around playground to effectively interact with children.
    • Interact with children in a group and on a one-on-one basis both verbally and physically to provide a safe and supportive environment.
    • Communicate with children by getting down on their level.
    • Provide effective and interactive supervision on field trips and in outdoor activities.
    • Establish and maintain a daily schedule of activities/care times.
  • Education:  provide teaching activities that facilitate the growth and learning of children.
    • Prepare effective monthly lesson plans and child planning forms and submit them to Director for review in a timely manner.
    • Plan, prepare, develop, and facilitate various hands-on activities in a manner that supports NAEYC’s mission by utilizing a variety of teaching methods and techniques such as hands-on discussions, small and larger group work, individualized teaching, and supervised role-playing.
    • Prepare lesson plans that are culturally sensitive and are based on the children’s interests and developmental assessment goals.
    • Provide activities that promote self-help and independence in children.
    • Observe and document daily. Document (at least monthly) individual developmental stages and growth.
    • Use mealtimes as an opportunity to teach self-help behaviors, including proper table manners, etc.
    • Create individual service plan goals based on the child’s developmental level, monitor and document progress.
  • Task Supervision of Early Childhood Educators/Volunteers:  communicate expectations; provide daily direction and role model effective teaching practices for teachers and volunteers.
    • Provide task supervision, as needed, to Early Childhood Educators and volunteers.
    • Communicate lesson plans and expectations to teachers and volunteers.
    • Demonstrate a team approach in leadership with teachers and volunteers.
    • Encourage input and suggestions from teachers and volunteers.
    • Role model effective teaching practices and supervision.
    • Assist Director in hiring and performance-management functions.
  • Parent Interaction:  effectively communicate with parents (in verbal and written form) information regarding the program that is critical to the care of their children.
    • Provide parents with daily written and verbal information about children.
    • Communicate issues of concern and strengths to parents. Discusses goals for skill development.
    • Encourage parents to discuss concerns and provide input regarding their child’s care.
    • Facilitate parent-teacher conferences.
    • Plan and facilitate infant play groups.
    • Serve as a resource for further intervention (e.g., referral sources).
    • Participate in home visitations as requested, this is a requirement for Specialist in the Infant classrooms
    • Communicate specific parent requests and special instructions to Program Coordinator and Director in a timely manner.
  • Professionalism:  act in a professional manner consistent with job description.
    • Report to shift, meetings, and training on time.
    • Represent the childcare program and the agency to the public in a positive manner at all times.
    • Promote self-growth by participating in at least 15 hours of childcare in-service per year.
    • Attend and constructively participates in agency-wide mandatory staff meetings, monthly Lead Teacher meetings, quarterly childcare meetings, and all other required meetings.
    • Promotes professional growth by being involved in professional organizations (i.e., NAEYC).
    • Maintain appropriate confidentiality and boundaries at all times.
    • Report child abuse and neglect according to policies and procedures.
    • Follow agency and NAEYC codes of conduct.
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