Cardinal Kids Learning Center is currently looking for a director is responsible for ensuring the health, safety, and quality of education, for all children within the center’s care.  The CKLC Director will be accountable for overall operational management in accordance with the established guidelines, including curriculum development, staff and facilities management, financial management, legal compliance, and long range planning.  The CKLC Director ensures that the needs of the students and the goals of the center are met appropriately.

Essential Duties include:

  1.  Develop general educational curricula; collaborate with staff to develop positive learning activities.
  2. Hire and Supervise all CKLC staff members, including providing new employee orientations and regular feedback and evaluations, schedule staff, and keep track of training hours.
  3. Maintain student and staff records in accordance with established enrollment procedures and guidelines.
  4. Maintain communication with parents of current and prospective students through direct conversation, newsletters and parent handbook; implement community outreach activities to maintain and promote positive community relationships.
  5. Oversee all office functions including payroll, taxes, accounts payable and receivable, tuition billing and payment, human resources, staff supervision and purchasing.
  6. Manage day to day operations of the center utilizing center’s processes, procedures and policies.
  7. Maintain a personal professional development plan to ensure continuous quality improvements.
  8. Implement and supervise programs that follow the center’s philosophy, educational goals, standards and procedures.
  9. Coordinate with the CKLC Board to: consistently increase and maintain enrollment, improve/maintain a high image of the center, maintain the center in a clean, safe and healthy manner.
  10. Manage the Center’s budget effectively and increase profitability.
  11. Maintain the human resource needs of the center including scheduling.
  12. Manage adherence to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services standards as they apply to the daily operation of the center; comply with state fire department and state health department regulations.
  13. Supervise the implementation of the center’s educational program for all classes.
  14. Maintain open communication/confidentiality with parents, staff and children.
  15. Submit daily, weekly and monthly reports as required- Title 20, USDA food program, and monthly board meetings.
  16. Plan nutritious meals based on USDA requirements.
  17. Manage the center’s equipment and supplies in a manner that maintains a safe, healthy and sanitary environment for the children.
  18. Use basic computer software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Google, Quickbooks, Remind and HI Mama.
  19. Ensure that all activities operate consistently and ethically within the mission and values of the center.
  20. Be passionate about the center’s mission; effectively promote and communicate the philosophy, mission and values of center to coworkers, customers, and the community.
  21. Fill in when needed in classrooms weekly.
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Additional Information

Physical Requirements:

  1. Safely lift a child or children with total weight of 50 pounds.
  2. Conduct activities involving substantial standing, walking and moderate sitting, stooping, kneeling, bending, crouching, crawling, twisting, and reaching on a frequent basis.
  3. Work with hands above shoulder height with a weight up to 20 pounds.
  4. Work with arms extended at shoulder height with a weight up to 20 pounds.
  5. Must be able to stoop, bend, kneel on the floor without assistance.
  6. Push and/or pull playground equipment, art supplies, manipulate office equipment, etc.


This is a full time position and may require more than 40 hours/week.  The Director must possess the credentials to obtain a HHS child care license.  The CKLC Director will report directly to the CKLC Board of Directors.

Contact Information

Cardinal Kids Learning Center
309 N. Bridge St
Randolph, Nebraska 68771

Lucas Miller
(p) (402) 360-0095

How to Apply

Please email resume and credentials to Lucas Miller, President of CKLC, at or send in mail to Lucas Miller, 86370 559 Ave., Randolph, NE 68771.