2022-2023 Assistant Middle School Principal/Activity Director

Bennington Public Schools

JOB TITLE: 2022-2023 Assistant Middle School Principal/Activity Director


  • Education: Minimum of Master’s degree from an approved institution in Education Administration or the accepted equivalent.
  • Certification: Nebraska Administrative and Supervisory Certificate.
  • Experience Desired: Five (5) years of teaching experience and two years of successful leadership roles preferred.
  • Attendance: Performance of this position requires daily attendance. Benefits and leave policies are provided as identified in contract and board of education policy.
  • Knowledge: Effective teacher practices, pedagogy, special education policy, curriculum, instruction, assessment, current educational trends, and technology.

RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY: The position is responsible for assisting the school principal in the leadership, coordination, supervision and management of the school program and operation.

The Assistant Principal/Activity Director is the immediate supervisor of all coaches and sponsors.

He/She is responsible for all aspects related to the management of the activities programs.


The assistant principal:

  1. Supports the continuous school improvement and district strategic planning process.
  2. Supports leadership in the development of educational change, the implementation of programs and the assessment of innovations.
  3. Provides effective instructional leadership, including monitoring student performance and ensuring that the Board approved curriculum is the taught, assessed curriculum.
  4. Supports and initiates equitable learning opportunities for all students.
  5. Participates in student services-related activities, such as attending meetings and providing support to student service providers.
  6. Supports continual staff improvement through the appraisal process and professional learning.
  7. Supports the development of instructional leadership capacity among teachers and teams.
  8. Provides for effective appraisal and supervision of personnel.
  9. Provides visible leadership ensuring a positive educational culture that enhances the academic, social, physical, and emotional development of all students.
  10. Supports the District mission and school vision in order to establish high expectations for student and staff performance.
  11. Assists staff to analyze varied sources of information and multiple sources of data to make educational improvement decisions.
  12. Attends education meetings including but not limited to Board of Education, administration, professional development, Strategic Planning, and parent/guardian.


The assistant principal:

  1. Manages time to achieve balance between administrative and supervisory duties.
  2. Supports enrollment, registration and attendance procedures.
  3. Identifies needed changes and improvement in the school facilities and effectively capitalizes on District resources, procedures and personnel.
  4. Supports sound fiscal management of building resources and programs.
  5. Utilizes effective practices and teaches clear guidelines for appropriate student behavior to provide a safe school environment following the adopted school management system.
  6. Assists in maintaining discipline throughout the student body; deals with special cases as necessary.
  7. Assists in coordinating transportation, maintenance, custodial, cafeteria, and other school support services; helps conduct safety inspections and safety drill practice activities.
  8. Supports the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programming related to student supports, clubs, and activities.
  9. Assists in the management and scheduling of facility by outside groups in accordance with school board policy.
  10. Covers classes, courses, and duties necessary in the absence of staff.
  11. Serves as principal in the absence of the building administrator.
  12. Supports the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programming related to student activties, clubs, and athletics.


 The assistant principal:

  1. Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with students, staff, families, and community.
  2. Promotes, assesses, and nurtures a positive interpersonal climate in the school building.
  3. Demonstrates effective skills in conflict resolution, problem analysis, decision-making, and judgment.
  4. Creates strategic partnerships with community leaders in order to carry out the school/District mission.
  5. Works with school PTO to support building initiatives, fundraisers, and other activities to engage students and parents in a cooperative atmosphere.
  6. Initiates communication to be distributed to the community, civic groups, or specific parents/guardians.


 The assistant principal:

  1. Maintains confidentiality and protection of student records.
  2. Implements and communicates District programs, policies, and procedures.
  3. Demonstrates effective written, oral and nonverbal communication and facilitation skills.
  4. Supports the completion and submission of reports required by the office of the superintendent, the Nebraska Department of Education, accrediting agencies and the federal government.
  5. Implements and communicates District programs, policies, and procedures.
  6. Engages in personalized learning and school/District professional growth activities.
  7. Holds high expectations for self and others as evidenced by modeling positive work habits and behaviors.
  8. Assumes responsibilities outside the school as related to school matters.
  9. Models and expects staff to exhibit transparent and ethical behavior.
  10. Upon request, prepares and presents reports to the superintendent of schools and/or board of education.
  11. Assists in the recruitment, training and supervision of certified and classified staff.
  12. Act on own discretion if emergency action is necessary in any matter not covered by Board policy, report such action to the principal as soon as practicable, and recommend policy in order to provide guidance in the future.
  13. Continues to build capacity for future leadership positions.
  14. Assumes other duties as delegated by the Principal and/or Superintendent.


  1. Approve and requisition all athletic/activity purchases.
  2. Develop athletic budget for approval of principal and superintendent.
  3. Hire and pay all contest officials.
  4. Coordinate the overall middle school activities program.
  5. Develop and maintain a positive climate and communication system among coaching/sponsor staff.
  6. Attend administrative meetings.
  7. Provide positive leadership for the activity program.
  8. Assist in recruiting, screening, hiring, assigning and evaluating coaches/sponsors.
  9. Be a proponent for safety in equipment, facilities and instruction.
  10. Construct and maintain a master activity calendar for the building.
  11. Supervision of student body at activities.
  12. Manage rental and scheduling of facilities per school board policy.

The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position and additional duties may be assigned.


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Additional Information

School Year: 2022-2023

Salary Range: $80,000-$90,000/per year

Contact Information

Bennington Public Schools
11620 N. 156th St.
Bennington, Nebraska 68007

Kary Jones
(p) (402) 238-3044
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